The acute need for building anti-venoming projects


An important issue that often fails to receive adequate attention in the healthcare sector is envenoming. This term refers to undergoing the harmful and painful process of being poisoned by the venom or toxic substances injected into the body by certain animals, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions, or jellyfish.

Surprisingly, despite there being an annual  5.4 million cases of  snakebite cases alone, the issue still has not received much response in mainstream healthcare discussions and has remained largely a theoretical concern. However, with a hard-hitting 1.8 to 2.7 million venomous snake biting occurring each year and causing significant harm, it is extremely crucial to address this neglected public health concern.

When an individual is bitten by a venomous creature, toxins spread throughout the body, leading to harmful effects on the nervous system, muscles, blood, and other organs. Presently, this issue has led to a devastating range of annual fatalities, ranging from 81,000 to 138,000 deaths attributed to snake bites. The bites from venomous snakes can cause paralysis that may prevent breathing, bleeding disorders that can lead to a fatal haemorrhage, irreversible kidney failure and tissue damage that can cause permanent disability and limb amputation.

Most venomous biting cases occur in countries with weak health systems and medical resources. Poor rural communities in low and middle-income countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America are highly vulnerable to envenoming, affecting women, children and agricultural workers.

Venomous biting is indeed a medical emergency. The treatment of venomous bites primarily involves medical treatment through anti-venom injection, also known as antivenin or anti-venom serum, designed to inactivate or neutralize the venom/toxins circulating in the body, thus preventing or minimizing the further damage caused by such potentially life-threatening accidents. The neutralized toxins are then eliminated from the body through natural processes like urine or faeces.

However, the effectiveness of anti-venom treatment depends on factors, such as the type and amount of venom injected, the individual patient’s response and most importantly, the timeliness of administration.


We made a significant presence in Fill and Finish solutions in anti-venom processing centres where the vials and ampoules were given as an essential means of enabling effective injectable for people who have been victims of envenoming. Vials and ampoules effectively store stable and unstable elements. Ampoules ensure drug stability and meet the exact quality requirements. Vials also play an equally critical role in containing and securing substances without enabling adsorption or leaching. 

Both storage devices, ensure efficient productivity and play a significant part in storing and preserving liquids, medicinal fluids, medicinal capsules and other similar contents, typically for pharmaceutical purposes. The products, in order to give surety to the drug manufacturers undergo extensive laboratory testing and inspections.

Our vial filling and capping machine is designed to protect the drugs against external reactants, contaminants, environmental dust and other microorganisms and thus help maintain sterility. The versatile and advanced packaging enhances ease of use especially in the case of complex pharmaceutical drugs, facilitates convenience, allows storage of various volumes of medications or substances, and ensure integrity and stability of medication, thus bringing effectiveness throughout the shelf life.

Apart from extending support in fill and finishing solutions, we also incorporated the facility with our essential clean air solution equipment, viz. Dynamic Pass Box, Laminar Air Flow (LAF). With de-contamination properties, the dynamic pass box ensures safe material transfer from one area to the other, while the High Efficiency Particulates Air (HEPA) filter for Laminar Air Flow ensures low turbulence, allows consistent distribution of particles, and uniform velocity across the fluid movement.

Overall, effective fill and finishing solutions along with essential pharma equipment helps safeguard the quality and effectiveness of injectable medications and contribute to patients’ safety.


Currently, the healthcare sector is grappling with the challenge of providing timely access to anti-venom, particularly in high-risk areas where venomous bites or stings are prevalent. To address this pressing issue, proactive measures can have a transformative impact on regions that are falling behind. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize the establishment of strong anti-venom facilities, which will provide a vital advantage in effectively tackling venomous bites and ensuring accessibility through the timely and affordable provision of safe and effective products. These facilities can play a pivotal role in reducing the mortality rate associated with such incidents.

Additionally, in the face of Climate Change, there is an ongoing transformation in the ecology of venomous animals, impacting the risks and patterns associated with envenomation incidents. As a result of this change, there is a potential rise in envenoming cases that can further augment the demand for timely injections. Therefore, proactively establishing facilities may make accessibility to effective healthcare for the victims significantly easier.


Fabtech caters to its customers with a whole range of equipment that only adds to the holistic value of the project. To name a few, our equipment such as Process Vessels has properties that facilitate control, fulfilling the requirement of the manufacturing process and thereby enabling an effective process completion. Similarly, our vial mixing vessel safeguards active ingredients from external factors such as heat, light exposure, meeting the highest criteria of sterility and ensuring the maintenance of active ingredients.


Every piece of equipment we provide is a stepping stone that contributes to the successful operation of the process and thus meets the unique project requirements. In the face of the unprecedented climate change we are experiencing, the role of healthcare has become even more significant. While it is crucial to address the environmental crisis, we must not neglect the ever rising health diseases and take initiatives to mitigate the impact of climate change.

At Fabtech Technologies, healthcare is at the core of our mission. We are a team of dedicated life engineers who have been involved in supplying, building, and establishing numerous pharma engineering turnkey projects around the globe. Our extensive experience and expertise in the field enable us to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers and contribute further to the industry and society as a whole. The recent addition of the ampoules and vial filling machines in Fill and Finish anti-venom project further exemplifies and strengthens our commitment to the cause of healthcare.

As a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical engineering and biotech industry, we strive to improve and innovate. We are driven by our desire to make a difference by contributing to the present global health challenges and making a positive impact on the world.