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Whatever your challenge, our start-to-finish (turnkey) engineering solutions are designed to help you accelerate growth and optimise costs. From working with you to uncover new business opportunities in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing across the world, to helping you overcome manufacturing challenges, our performance teams are always by your side.

Our emphasis on managing every stage of the project management cycle in-house ensures we can deliver beyond expectations on every project – whether flexibility, operability or cost optimisations.

With every project we take on, irrespective of size, complexity, or geography, we commit resources, people, know-how and technology to deliver a successful outcome. Every single time.

Despite all the obstacles and challenges they faced in the commissioning of our project, Fabtech delivered on all their promises.

Murtada Ali Magoub
Director of Engineering Management, Al Zahraa, Sudan

All I have to say to Fabtech is this: Bravo! you’re commissioning our next project as well.

Dr Nabil Bensouhali
General Manager, Laboratorie Biorem, Algeria

The team’s unwavering attention to detail and tenacity in face of all the challenges was indispensable in bringing our dream project to life.

Hakim Bouzid

GBC was our dream project Fabtech’s sincere efforts and hard work made it possible. You are an inspiration to everyone.

Dr. Waqar Ahmad
Managing Director, Gulf Biotech, Bahrain

They did not abandon us but stayed to finish the project when the Syria situation escalated out of control.

Mohlam Alhalabi
Hama Pharma, Syria

Despite the harsh weather conditions, different living culture, logistics and visa challenges, Fabtech stuck with the agreed plans and timelines.

Yunis Ahmad
Sudair Pharma Company, Saudi Arabia

Our common aspiration is to deliver best solutions, production practices and products to enhance the level of life.

Stanislav Uiba
CEO, Mechnikov S.A., Nicaragua

Fabtech’s handling of our project underscores their capability to handle any large turnkey project in any corner of the globe. They are a dependable partner, focused on quality, timely delivery and value for money.

Fidelis Ayebae
CEO, Fidson Healthcare Plc, Nigeria

Fabtech’s performance goes above and beyond the scope of work. We definitely couldn’t have asked for a better business partner.

Dr Amgad ElMolla
CEO, EgyVet – Vascera, Egypt

Team Fabtech showed flawless work ethics, high execution standards and always emphasised our satisfaction as their prime objective.

Mourad Mouddokes
Plant Manager, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals

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