We're Life Engineers

We're a biopharma engineering company, a small but essential piece of the massive life sciences ecosystem. By bringing together our customers, partners, industry thought leaders, regulators and governments, we affect a greater impact and bring our mission to life.

We're stepping up

Our mission is reflected in our strategy, our approach and our objectives. We consciously evaluate our performance through a broader lens - the number of lives we impact through our work.

Climate change will likely to result in roughly 250,000 more deaths annually from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea, and heat stress, as per the WHO's estimates. Unfortunately, these adverse health consequences will not be equally distributed, as disadvantaged populations and low-income countries will be the most severely impacted.

This healthcare crisis will only escalate over time, with illnesses such as COPD, zoonotic diseases, heat strokes, and pathogenic diseases adding to the burden. Unfortunately, those who are least able to cope with such health threats are likely to suffer the most.

We have a responsibility to future generations to prioritize One Health and this means rethinking how we operate. Our pivot towards sustainability is not just the right thing to do; it's also essential for the long-term success and resilience of our company.

Ashwani Singh
Chief Executive Officer

We're stepping up to help the biopharma industry tackle this incoming crisis.


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We are Fabtech

Our inspired engineering, ingenious technology and problem-solving approach make us a formidable partner for any company looking to build biopharma capability.

Change Agents

We envision a future where no one dies because they didn’t have access to life-saving medicines. By building indigenous pharmaceutical capability in regions that have none, we’re changing the future, one project at a time.


We bring together companies with complementary synergies for greater impact, especially in regions that have limited or no pharmaceutical capability. We create synergistic connections within our customer ecosystem for knowledge sharing and mutual benefit.


Through our engineering solutions, we solve complex and simple problems for our customers. We help our customers grow by unlocking new business opportunities within their own markets and in geographies on their expansion wishlist.


Our transnational structure and glocal operations ensure our performance teams are always there when you need them. From disease profiling to concept design to commissioning and beyond, we’re with you every step of the way.


We deliver start-to-finish engineering solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies all over the world. Our in-house and partner manufacturing capability makes us unique in the industry and allows us better control, flexibility and cost optimisations.

Our leadership

Ashwani Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Saroja Chandan

Executive Director

Ausaf Usmani

Executive Director

Dilip Ghosh

Sr Vice President

Zahir Shaikh


Ranganathan S.

AVP - Logistics

Rushin Shah

GM - Marketing

Ganesh Jadhav

GM - Design

Yogesh Naik

DGM - Planning

Mrunalini Chaudhari

Strategy Head

Amrish Shukla

Sr Manager - Design

Fahad Khan

Sr Manager - Post Design

Melitta Fernandes

Business Development Head