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Static & Dynamic Passbox

Fabtech’s Dynamic Passbox is a GMP compliant system is used to transfer materials between classified areas. It has a re-circulatory air system with a certain percentage of air intake as fresh air to keep it under positive pressure. The material airlock serves as a barrier between greyroom and cleanroom It has a microprocessor-based controller to manage door interlock, UV light–hour metre, door open delay and other application based requirements. Validation is per IEST RP with air flow visualisation and specific execution based on application.


  • Material of construction is SS 304 or SS 316 with HEPA Filter H14/H13 in a self supporting construction

  • Interlocked, electrically monitored airlock doors with static seals, with digital gauges, automatic fan control for constant LAF speed and a perforated plate or membrane distributor air outlet surface

  • Performance: Air Cleanliness- ISO Class 5 [ISO 14644-1:1999 (E)]; Air Velocity- 0.45 ± 0.05 Mps

  • Vertical airflow, minimum vibration level and noise level is less than 67 Db on Scale ‘A’ when ambient is no greater than 55 Db on Scale ‘A’

  • Optional add ons include gasket doors, single pass through, support stand and VHP integration

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