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Chilled Water

DX (Direct Expansion) Systems in HVAC are a popular option because of their ability to get rid of most ductwork and piping. Installation is easier, the overall system costs less and the system requires less maintenance. It also has a lower noise factor and offers good humidity control. Chillers are used to generate Chilled Water at approximately 7 – 12o C and distribute it to all HVAC components with insulated piping. It is known as the backbone of an HVAC system. Lowering the temperature of the water produces a cooling effect in integration with other HVAC components. Cooling Towers are used to remove unwanted heat from chillers through evaporation. Water cooled chillers are more efficient than air-cooled chillers.


  • Complete High Side set up with DX Systems, Chillers and Cooling Towers

  • Energy saving design

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