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FabLife's PAPI offers the safest containment for processes involving potent OEB 4 or OEB5 products. The ergonomically built negative pressure chamber safely contains the products during processing with glove ports for easy access. Material is transferred safely in and out of the isolator through the pass box or antechamber. Integrate with processing equipment like lab-scale reactors, Nutsche filters, centrifuges and vacuum tray dryers for optimal performance and safety.


  • Robustly constructed in SS 316L with H14 HEPA filtration for inlet air and double HEPA filtration for exhaust.

  • Optional room air intake and dedicated air handling unit for temperature and humidity management

  • Safe changing of HEPA filters

  • Inline exhaust scrubber for exhaust air treatment

  • Customizable ergonomics.Add ons include flameproof (ATEX) model, hinged or pneumatic cylinder front doors, weighing system integration, glove ports for front sliding panes for increased personnel protection

  • Standard configuration includes one Pass Box (2 Glove Ports) and main chamber (4 Glove Ports), and a glove integrity tester. Multiple chamber configuration options are available.

  • In situ chamber washing and drying; drain collection cachepot for safe handling

  • Password protection for different authorisation levels

  • Optional IPC SCADA 21CFR for high-grade integration and compliance

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