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De-Dusting Tunnel

Arrest dust at source with Fabtech’s De-dusting Tunnel. Reduce dust levels, improve product quality and yield. Fabtech’s De-dusting Tunnels remove loose particles and dust that accumulate on raw material containers including drums, cartons, sacks and bags prior to sampling. The adjustable brushing system is designed to scrub containers of prefixed geometry. Loose particles are collected in a tray, and the filtration system picks up airborne particulates. 21CFR and GMP compliant, automated, mechanised system. Delivers consistent performance. Easy to maintain.


  • Basic cabinet (SS304/CRCA powder coated/double wall PUFF filled panel)

  • Single-pass fully automated system with sliding doors (entrance and exit) with endless conveyor with rotary moving brush in X and Y axis

  • High-velocity HEPA Filter Jet System (8000 fpm – 10000 fpm) with manually adjustable direction control

  • PLC/Manual Control system with differential pressure gauges

  • LED concealed light providing light intensity in excess of 400 Lu

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