Clean air is expensive. Arrest dust at source with De-dusting Tunnels


Dust plays havoc with clean conditions and results in expensive maintenance. Preventing the infiltration of dust at the point of entry of raw material with Fabtech’s De-dusting Tunnels results in substantial cost savings.

Specialised manufacturing in industries like pharma, biotech, food and beverages, even semiconductors, defence and aerospace mandate sterile/clean environments where foreign particulate matters have a negative impact on product quality and yield. A significant challenge that needs to be addressed is contaminant entry from the outside through raw material containers, canisters, sacks and bags brought into the facility.

Fabtech’s De-Dusting Tunnels are used to remove the loose particles and dust that accumulate on raw material containers even before they are brought into the warehouse prior to sampling. This offers a significant reduction in dust levels, ensuring product quality and improved yield.

These tunnels are a single pass fully automated system with sliding doors at entrance and exit of the system. Containers are moved through an endless conveyor and through combinations of rotary moving brush in X and Y axis which scrub and detach non-viable particles from the container. Containers are subjected to high-velocity air, and loose particles are collected in a tray while airborne particles are retained in a series of filters.

Fabtech pioneered De-dusting Tunnels and ever since we have upgraded and innovated the product through continuous customer feedback. We continually add new features to address evolving requirements. Our De-dusting system is increasingly becoming a part of the standard project design layout.

Fabtech’s de-dusting system is GMP compliant, reliable, automated, mechanised system, delivers consistent performance and is easy to maintain.

It offers more consistent performance over human manual cleaning, is predictable, reduces dependence on manpower and saves costs. Add-on features like synchronisation with continuous sampling system make it an online integrated system with proper data storage and tracking.

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