Fabtech’s Manufacturing Capability


Outsourced solutions are a popular choice amongst many organizations for their perceived benefits. However, contrary to this approach, in-house solutions offer closer access to performance, better control and supervision. It fosters stronger and clearer communication. As a pharma engineering expert, our in-house manufacturing capability maintains full ownership over our job and equipment’s overall performance and functioning. Through this blog, we bring to you our key performance indicators in our everyday in-house functioning.

In-House Engineering Solutions – Every pharma project demands equipment tailored to its nature. Our engineering solutions involve clean air, purified water systems and effective processing. With our in-house expertise, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for each project’s unique needs.

Solutions for AIR

Our clean air solutions involve our tailor-made cleanroom panel production line. These cleanroom panels undergo meticulous processing involving a Rockwool section, Puff filling section and powder coating. A smart and sustainable solution, Rockwool panels are manufactured to resist fire, moisture, bacterial growth, rodents, and moulds. In Puff panels, the process involves precise cutting and puff filling that can be tightly and conveniently configured into the wall. They offer sound absorption, reducing noise transmission, and the powder coating ensures a durable finish.

Our cleanroom equipment is born out of precision. Keeping in view the criticality of cleanroom equipment, every step from bending, fabrication to assembly is undertaken to ensure the protection of people and the cleanroom environment. Our cGMP certification testifies to our adherence to good manufacturing practices guidelines for pharmaceuticals, enhancing productivity and efficiency within cleanroom facilities.

Our HVAC system ensures effective measurement and control of air flow volumes and particle concentrations. The HEPA filters for Laminar Air flow are designed to prevent contamination of pharmaceutical products and help create a clean and sterile environment. Our engineers pay close attention to ventilation that can remove stale air, odours and potentially harmful airborne contaminants from the facility. Pressure control is also an imperative feature that maintains appropriate pressure differentials between different areas within the facility. Our HVAC manufacturing capability contributes significantly to our pharmaceutical manufacturing success.

Our pre-engineered HVAC system, modular cleanroom panels and equipment viz. walkable and non-walkable ceiling panels, risers, doors, view panels and covings form an integral part of our modular cleanrooms. The pre-fabrication of these elements allows easier, quicker, and more cost-effective configuration. The modular design offers superior control over airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity, and filtration, with factory-installed windows and utilities for on-site installation.

Solutions for WATER

Water is a crucial resource and takes on an even higher level of criticality in the pharmaceutical industry. Our pure water generation system utilizes the advanced pre-treatment and post-treatment of water. These two stages effectively address contaminant concerns and safely meet the final purified water quality requirements. The robust features of Fabtech’s PW system include sanitary design, high efficiency, consistent conductivity and water quality. The flow is distributed to all user points within the factory with a complete closed-loop piping system. This sustainable closed-loop circulation ensures purified water generation storage and distribution system and energy recycling through heat sanitizing, softening, reverse osmosis and continued electrode ionization.

Our Multi Column Distillation Plant (MCDP) produces water for injections. The process is based on distillation and works on the principle of heat exchange. This 100% pyrogen-free water is stored in a continuously circulating system, and is generally kept at 80 – 85 ºC to maintain its properties. This process eliminates ionic materials, particulates, colloids, non-volatile organic compounds and bacterial endotoxins, making it the most accepted method for WFI.

Solutions for PROCESS

Our granulation equipment covers single units and complete production lines for various pharmaceutical forms viz. powder processing, oral solid dosage forms and tablet coating. Our equipment is developed with precision, promises a hassle-free operation and is integrated seamlessly into existing pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Our experts possess optimum skills to advise customers on the different granulation processes. They act as true guides to deliver the best solution for specific granulation applications.  

Our cleanroom containment systems offer a range of isolators to achieve the desired level of decontamination. Our aseptic and non-aseptic systems of isolators are ideal for different scenarios of a pharma project. The isolators promise process integrity and the highest operator and environment protection, especially for potent products. The ergonomically built chambers safely contain the products during processing with glove ports for easy access. Material is transferred safely in and out of the isolator through the pass box or antechamber. 


Fabtech’s FilPac prefilled syringe machines bring together innovative technology and stringent quality standards. Its enhanced production capacity has resulted in greater acceptability among medical professionals and patients worldwide.

Our vial filling and capping machine is designed to maintain sterility by protecting the drugs against external reactants, contaminants, environmental dust and other microorganisms. The versatile and advanced packaging enhances ease of use especially in the case of complex pharmaceutical drugs. It facilitates convenience, allows storage of various volumes of medications or substances, and ensures integrity and stability of medication. All in all, it brings effectiveness throughout the shelf life.


Our Capsule filling machines cater to various capsule sizes with powder filling, pellet filling and tablet filling attachments. Our Pacifab Capsule Filling Machines are known for ensuring a higher and complete level of filling, great production rate, weight accuracy, along with reliable quality. Allowing precision, drug stability and efficacy, the equipment is adaptive to the growing needs of various dosage forms. 

Installation Capability

Beyond manufacturing and delivering, our capability extends to global installations. In fact, our job is considered complete only when we are assured that the equipment enhances the overall operational efficiency of thepharma production process. We handle material logistics, streamline of operational set-up and ensure prompt availability of spares, change parts and service. Our life engineers undertake mockups of deliverables into the plant to ensure that the equipment is integrated without disrupting the existing set-up.

In-House Experts, Tailor-Made Solutions

Our life engineers utilize technological advancements to provide customized solutions for all your project needs. They pay great attention to raw materials inspection, product testing, process audits and continuous operations at various locations in India and around the world viz. Algeria, Nigeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Bangladesh, Tanzania etc. We facilitate open and clear communication with local clients, breaking language barriers for effective collaboration.

The expertise of our life engineers is coupled with hands-on experience in numerous turnkey pharma projects. As pharma engineering consultants, we make every project come to fruition and meet our customers’ expectations and the greater goal in the healthcare sector. Their contribution as an engineer is a stepping stone that leads to saving millions of lives through better accessibility and affordability of medicines.

Design|Build|Execute – this is how each project we undertake progresses from strength to strength. With our complete manufacturing capability coupled with our enriched experience, exceptional engineering and efficient equipment, we have everything covered from start-to-finish and everything in between. 

Please help us understand your needs.