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Sampling & Dispensing Booth

Fabtech’s Sampling & Dispensing booth is a GMP compliant LAF recirculation booth with product and protection. It features a recirculatory sub turbulent airflow system with upto 30% air bleed from the system. Clean and low-turbulence air flows vertically into the work area of the booth and is vacuumed out from the bottom collecting airborne substances in a controlled setting. It has an integrated exhaust air system that generates a slight negative pressure, permanently protecting the ambient area against cross contamination. Material can be loaded or unloaded for manual sampling using the high-speed lateral doors or automatic conveyor technology.


  • Material of construction is SS 304 or SS 316 with a protective coating as per specific application with HEPA Filter H14/H13

  • Can be used up to OEB2 Categories molecules with add-on features

  • 21 CFR compliant PLC system

  • Stations are available in flameproof (ATEX) and non-flameproof models

  • Add on features include customised weighing scale table, sliding polycarbonate front screen in front of the operator with manipulation through glove port, once-through system and material entry and exit airlocks

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