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Positive Pressure System

Fabtech offers solution for any customised applications covering microbiology testing, testing of sterile products, cell therapy applications, sterile powder handling systems, R&D setup, aseptic process etc. These are re-circulatory in airflow management with integrated VHP system are available for both viable and non-viable particles. Integration of process equipment is 21 CFR compliant. PLC-based control system and custom built validation protocol.


  • Body, work area base and read panel fully manufactured from SS 316 complete with interlocked type ‘D’ transfer hatches

  • Main work area maintains air quality levels in accordance with Grade ‘A’ EU GMP (Class 100) this is supplied via HEPA Filter H14/H13 providing unidirectional airflow

  • Easy to use Blue LCD backlit display showing work area and transfer hatch pressure

  • Audible and visual alarm with clear and informative display

  • High air change rates in both work area and transfer hatches


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