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Negative Pressure System

Fabtech offers Negative Pressure Systems for custom applications across OSD, Injectable, QC including inline process, non- sterile powder handling, R&D and aseptic processes. Negative pressure is maintained from -30 to -20 Pa, to prevent particles from escaping the isolator. This serves as the physical barrier, but also a dynamic pressure barrier to protect the cleanroom from cross contaimination and maintain cleanliness. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) compatible. Integration of process equipment is 21 CFR compliant. PLC-based control system and custom built validation protocol.


  • Basic cabinet (SS304/SS316L/CRCA powder coated/double wall PUFF filled panel)

  • Single-pass fully automated system with sliding doors (entrance and exit) with endless conveyor with rotary moving brush in X and Y axis

  • HEPA Filter Jet System (8000 fpm – 10000 fpm) with manually adjustable direction control

  • PLC/Manual Control system with differential pressure gauges

  • LED concealed light providing light intensity in excess of 400 Lux, (waterproof and shatterproof lighting option is also available )


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