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Mobile Isolator

Fablife's Mobile Isolators are ideal for scenarios where the work environment is not confined to a single location or when materials must be transferred from one aseptic isolator to another. They offer product protection in low-criticality operations. They are compatible with VHP decontamination to achieve an aseptic environment and process integrity.


  • Robustly constructed in SS 316L with Laminar airflow ISO 5 Grade A classification

  • Equipped with wheels for easy movement and supplied with optional battery packs for solo operations

  • Customizable ergonomics

  • Standard configuration includes one Pass Box (2 Glove Ports) and main chamber (4 Glove Ports), and a glove integrity tester. Multiple chamber configuration options are available

  • On-demand process equipment and online particle counter integration

  • Room air intake and exhaust

  • H2O2 decontamination optional

  • Password protection for different authorisation levels

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