MOVFLO – a cleanroom innovation for the ages


One of the major challenges our customers have experienced with cleanroom setups is how tedious and time-consuming dismantling cleanroom panels can be. With conventional cleanroom partitions, one is often limited to whatever floor plans are originally created. Modifying room sizes involves dismantling ceilings, breaking floorings and a whole lot of time. Plus, you need to store those dismantled panels, which means occupying valuable storage space and running the risk of damaging the epoxy in the panels.

Enter our revolutionary MOVFLO – movable, sound-insulating partitioning systems. MOVFLO combines opaque elements with a glass version, allowing transparent elements inside the panels. And they are easy to move or fold. Modifying room sizes, moving walls, bringing new machines in, taking old machines out, everything becomes easy with MOVFLO. All you need to do is slide the out panels – by hand – and you can reshape your rooms however you want. The panels are interchangeable as well. Built with an aluminium anodised track and a 360-degree adjustable roller to ensure each panel can be held and moved with total ease and minimum effort.

With MOVFLO, we can reduce dismantling time by upto 70%. The interchangeable wall panels ensure that any modification that needs to be done to your cleanroom floor plans is now possible at faster speeds without any impact to quality. Plus, you can save time on engineers, labour and material every time you need to make a modification.

Beginning with the idea to designing it on paper to finally bringing it to shape in our manufacturing set-up, MOVFLO has been innovated at every stage by Fabtech. Inputs from product and design teams along with the help of our factory teams have helped us turn this idea into an innovation for the ages.

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