Fabtech’s FM-Approved Panels – Shielding Your Cleanroom


As a pharma engineering company, we regularly manufacture equipment of various kinds – the equipment that forms the bedrock of many large pharma projects. However, irrespective of the production process being backed by expert knowledge and highly engineered tools, a project would be complete only when the products are duly stamped and certified as reliable and of premium and unquestionable quality. 

Fabtech has been in the business of making cleanroom panels for over three decades now. The cleanroom panels are known for bringing an infallible infrastructural base to the cleanroom project and blending well with the ever-changing industry standards as well as customer demands. The high-performance panels have stood the tests of time vis-à-vis their durability, fine finish and performance. As we continue using technology in sync with the changing times and needs, we keep seeking continuous improvement in order to reach a benchmark that promises the best quality coupled with safety.

How do Fabtech panels meet the highest standard of product safety?

The wall panels in a cleanroom may tend to propagate on their own in the event of a fire breakout. Such incidents necessitate having probabilistic fire-propagation limiting tools such as extensive sprinkler systems that work on a water supply method and provide sufficient pressure flowrate to the water distribution piping system onto which the sprinklers are connected. Smokes do not trigger the sprinklers, yet they automatically release water when an occurrence of fire is detected. Simply put, as the sprinkler controls or extinguishes the fire, it plays both roles, i.e., a fire detector as well as a fire suppressor.

This product is tested by FM approvals – a legitimate, qualified body recognised to give certification in property loss prevention products. A division of an international insurance company FM Global, FM approvals, by virtue of their technical expertise, knowledge and capability, has duly certified Fabtech for fire resistance with all applicable safety standards under standards 4880 and 4882. FM Approvals maintains accreditations recognized globally by OSHA and IAS in the United States, SCC in Canada, UKAS in the United Kingdom, and is a Notified Body in the EU for ATEX and CPD.

The qualifying process involves panels being checked for large-scale fire testing. The tests consist of several mounted panels that must align with the field applications. The panels are also duly checked to study the extent of their preparedness for fire propagation in case of a corner fire. These large-scale fire tests work at extremely high temperatures and are designed for everyday installations while considering the possible hazards of outdoor exposure.

Apart from the above life-saving component, FM approved has also certified Fabtech for products of combustion, smoke developed, and combustible insulations limit installation.

Here’s is a brief account of the tests conducted-

FM 4880

  • Class 1 Fire Rating Test
  • Room Test
  • 16 ft High Parallel Panel Test

 FM 4882 

  • Room Test
  • Interior Wall and Ceiling Materials or Systems for Smoke
  • Sensitive Occupancies to a Maximum Installed Height of 3m (10 ft), 9.1m (30 ft), 15.2m (50 ft) or Without Height Restrictions
  • Wall and Ceiling Materials or Systems Approved for Used in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Storage Areas, Food Preparation and Storage Areas or Similar Occupancies

Cleanroom panels undergo fire testing to evaluate panels’ ability to withstand exposure to fire for a specified period without compromising structural integrity. The panels are thus subjected to tests such as fire exposure, flame spread, and resisting fire penetration.

Panels are also tested to measure smoke generation and toxicity characteristics, ensuring they meet the prescribed limits for occupant safety.

Moreover, to ensure structural performance, tests are conducted to examine sufficient structural strength that can withstand various loads, environmental forces and potential impacts. Factors such as load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, resistance to wind, seismic activity, and other relevant forces, and joint integrity are assessed to prevent air leakage, particulate contamination, and cross-contamination between different cleanroom areas.

Providing the perfect partition

Using FM-approved cleanroom panels offers several benefits for cleanroom facilities:

Enhanced Fire Safety – FM-approved cleanroom panels undergo rigorous fire resistance testing. Using these highly engineered and robust panels significantly reduces the risk of fire spreading within the cleanroom. This enhanced fire safety helps protect personnel, equipment, and critical processes from potential fire hazards.

Reduced Smoke Generation and Toxicity – FM-approved cleanroom panels are designed to emit minimal smoke and contain low levels of toxic substances in the event of fire. This characteristic is important for maintaining a safe environment within the cleanroom, as it minimizes the health risks associated with smoke inhalation and exposure to harmful toxins.

Improved Structural Integrity – Cleanroom panels with FM approval are tested for their structural performance and resistance to environmental forces such as wind, seismic activity, and impact. Using FM-approved panels ensures the cleanroom’s structural integrity, thereby preventing failures or collapses that could compromise the controlled environment and pose risks to personnel and equipment.

Compliance with Safety Standards – FM approval signifies that the cleanroom panels meet or exceed industry safety standards set by FM Global. Thus, FM-approved panels demonstrate compliance with stringent standards, which can be important for regulatory compliance and meeting the requirements of governing bodies or certification agencies.

Enhanced Insurance Coverage – Many insurance providers require FM approval for cleanroom panels as a condition for coverage. By using FM-approved panels, one can fulfil the insurance requirements, leading to smoother insurance processes, reduced premiums, and improved coverage terms for your cleanroom facility.

Reputation and Trust – Employing FM-approved cleanroom panels demonstrates your commitment to safety, reliability and quality. This can help enhance the industry reputation and build trust with clients, partners, and stakeholders who prioritize stringent safety measures and compliance with recognized standards.

Peace of Mind – By using FM-approved cleanroom panels, one can rest assured that the cleanroom facility is equipped with panels that have undergone rigorous testing and meet the highest safety standards. This reassurance is invaluable when working in industries where maintaining a controlled environment and ensuring the safety of personnel and critical processes are paramount.

The certificates are a testimony to our qualified tests and quality assurance tests of rigorously tested products, thereby placing our wall panels a notch above the rest of the companies.

 About Us

We deeply understand the incalculable and irreversible damage from smoke and fire in a cleanroom and the criticality of having uncompromising wall panels so as to assure an ininterrupted functioning of the cleanroom system. However, failure to meet safety standards often means meeting sub-standard panels that can also seriously affect the health and safety of the business and the people at large.

Thus, our wall panels are capably made to be fire and natural hazard resistant and react appropriately when exposed to fire, heat or smoke. They meet the demands of a desired exterior business structure, truly conforming to the industry standards and being counted as a remarkable product. These panels serve the intended business purpose and act as a safeguard every business deserves.

In 2022-23, we added a whopping 2.5 lacs sq mt panel to our cleanroom portfolio. While admitting that sales are not just about numbers, we know it is more about our full-fledged growth and ability to deliver safe and high-quality products that give confidence to facility owners, insurers, and regulatory bodies about their designed panels rendering optimum protection to personnel, equipment, and critical processes within the cleanroom environment.  

This blog may help you understand more about our cleanroom panel.