Fabtech’s Commitment to Strengthening Pharmaceutical Supply Chains


The rising demand for pharmaceuticals emphasizes the critical need for a resilient and efficient supply chain within the industry. This supply chain is comprehensive and poses various challenges. Within this framework lies crucial components such as research, drug manufacturing and a number of verticals playing their key role in ensuring its smooth operation. 

Drug accessibility relies on appropriate pharmaceutical manufacturing and equipment to enable its efficient processing, filling, and packaging. These pharma projects demand stringent environmental conditions to ensure contaminant-free processing, workflow and quality control. Such conditions are met through the integration of supporting equipment and solutions that facilitate the continuous and smooth progress of the supply chain. 

As a pharmaceutical and biopharma engineering company, Fabtech is dedicated to building capability for equitable and accessible healthcare. Our solutions are tailored to adapt to the diverse pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical projects across diverse regions, ensuring uninterrupted flow of pharma production process. 

This blog gives a view of some significant ways by which we attempt to bring resilience to the pharma supply chain. 

Turnkey Projects – Turnkey pharmaceutical projects offer holistic solutions under a single umbrella, streamlining control and reducing timelines and delays. Fabtech’s comprehensive start-to-finish approach covers all aspects, viz., design, procurement, construction, testing, and handover, thereby promoting smoother and enhanced execution. 

Mobile Cleanrooms – Mobile Cleanrooms have proven instrumental in expediting healthcare needs, particularly during crisis. Unlike conventional cleanrooms, the prefabricated modular cleanroom panels and framing enable speedy installation, integrating seamlessly into existing setups, without the need for extensive modifications. As a result, the modular cleanroom systems significantly mitigates delays, enhancing the efficiency of the supply chain and promptly meeting healthcare needs. 

Inventory Management – Optimal inventory management is paramount for ensuring the timely fulfilment of pharmaceutical project requirements. It is intricately linked to supply chain efficiency. Our experts meticulously maintain demand-driven inventory levels, mitigating disruptions and ensuring continuity of operations. Our life engineers are adaptive to the present technological advancements and leverage inventory management systems (IMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This software enables tracking real-time inventory movements, including stock receipts, sales, returns, and adjustments. They help us predict demand more accurately and plan production schedules and inventory levels more effectively.

Regulatory Compliance – Having our presence in international and national pharmaceutical engineering projects, we prioritize stringent safety measures and compliance with recognized standards related to pharmaceutical logistics including Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines. We ensure adherence to regulatory requirements for the transportation, storage, handling, and distribution of pharmaceutical products and other certification agencies.  Our equipment undergoes rigorous testing, thereby upholding our commitment to safety, reliability and quality.

Equipment Qualification – Fabtech’s equipment go through a series of tests to ensure its reliable performance and compliance with prescribed principles and practices. The validation tests are a guarantee of Fabtech’s fundamental processes and protocols that comply with GMP requirements, user requirements specification and contractual specifications. The steadfast testing ensures that each paperwork is given an unchallenged stamp of approval. As a result, we diligently endeavour to have our equipment work perfectly and meet its intended purpose at the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, paving the way for a reliable supply chain.  The qualification testing includes User Requirement Specification (URS), Design Qualification (DQ), Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at the manufacturer’s site, Site Acceptance Test (SAT) at the user site, Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ).

Leveraging Logistics – Timeliness is paramount in healthcare logistics. We navigate logistical challenges with precision, optimizing routes and forecasting weather accurately to mitigate delivery delays. Our robust contingency planning ensures resilience against regulatory constraints and political challenges, ensuring well-run logistics operations. The remote tracking of logistic shipments results in efficiently managed and streamlined logistics operations.

Digitization – Our technological initiatives have resulted in significant value addition to the project’s operations. Their implementation has offered numerous benefits in improving supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Project Management Office (PMO) oversees project right from the initial receipt of the formal order until the contract completion. The PMO keeps the entire organizational alignment with project goal through our proprietary real-time web-based Project Management System (PMS) – FabAssure which is accessible from all across the globe. FabAssure marks Fabtech as India’s first pharmaceutical manufacturing company to have software that helps manage project activities and daily operations. It enables seamless, end-to-end real-time traceability from manufacturing to distribution to the end customer. With this software, our clients are kept in the loop with all details during the project execution along with giving them full access to keep track of their projects.

By leveraging FabAssure, our team keeps a close check on our project’s health, focusing on the ‘whats’, ‘whens’ and ‘hows’ throughout completion. 

Fabtech operates within the realm of ‘saving lives’ employing diverse ways to make treatment accessible and efficient. As part of this vital endevour, Fabtech has stepped in to revive many stalled projects, ensuring their completion within the promised time frame.  We have successfully navigated through obstacles, including those posed by COVID-19 pandemic. This trying period has strengthened our resolve, enable us to overcome hurdles and fulfill our responsibility to communities and nations, thereby dedicating ourselves wholeheartedly to project completion.

With a journey spanning over two decades, we take pride that our support has been one a key contributor to establishing a resilient healthcare supply chain across diverse regions. Our equipment and solutions align closely with our clients’ needs, paving a collective effort towards a healthier tomorrow.