Advancing Pharmaceutical Engineering Projects for Pandemic Preparedness


Whenever we believe we have transcended the COVID-19 pandemic, the sudden surge in cases draws us back to the present uncertainties. While we try to convince ourselves that the situation this time will be different, we remain unsettled and begin to question the ‘what ifs’. 

We were ill-prepared for the COVID pandemic, but are we now equipped if a similar pandemic strikes humanity again? The answer is neither a clear yes nor a definite no, and this ‘maybe’ poses a substantial risk!

Today, researchers, doctors and pharmaceutical professionals understand the connection between human activities, climate changes and potential health consequences more than ever. Medicines and vaccines manufacturing require a proactive and meticulous approach to provide timely remedies for potential future pandemics.

Fabtech has been working closely in pharmaceutical engineeringprojects that endeavour to bring medicines and vaccines to the hands of the people. This blog highlights some vital engineering solutions that we provide to support pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare companies all over the world.

Capacity Building – Fabtech’s robust portfolio extends from start to finish, offering turnkey pharmaceutical project solutions to various pharma and biopharma firms. Adapting to the post-pandemic world, we are intensifying our support for scientists, researchers and healthcare practitioners to strengthen the pharma industry and improve patient treatment. We have also been actively assisting governments in developing ecosystems and infrastructure to handle potential fallout.

Biosafety labs – There always exists a potential for aerosol transmissions that can expose individuals to air toxins and result in lethal diseases through inhalation. Hence, clinical research and airborne disease testing are applicable in BSL 3 laboratories where work practices are performed in bio-contained environments. 

Fabtech has established BSL 3 labs to conduct a wide range of research to understand and find treatments for the prevention of infectious diseases. 

The region’s first BSL-3 lab at the Autonomous State Medical College campus, Shahjahanpur, was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Brijesh Pathak, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh. We are thankful to the Government of Uttar Pradesh for their trust.

Hospitals and Operation Theatres – Operation theatres are life-saving rooms. Their functioning demands meticulous design and precise layout to undertake critical procedures. Fabtech’s engineering solutions offer key equipment to establish an uncompromised environment for patients, some of which are:

HVAC system – Our hi-tech HVAC system is the best clean air solution for hospital and operation theatre environments to ensure product safety, especially for critical medicines such as vaccines. The engineering and air distribution systems are adapted to make the ceiling of operation theatres free from complexities.

Vertical Laminar Airflow Systems (LAF) systems – Embedded ceilings, combined with air recirculation through HEPA filters for Laminar Air Flow, create a protective zone against contamination, thus maintaining high indoor air quality (IAQ).

Anti-static flooring –These solutions reduce the possibility of electrostatic discharge (ESD), preventing interference or damage to employees and equipment.

Hermetic sealed doors – Promising absolutely no air leakage, these doors are specifically designed to ensure complete protection against the spread of infection.

Wall Panels – Our robust cleanroom wall panels act as a barrier, effectively preventing dust, particles, and contaminants from entering. The FM-approved panels are fire-resistant (under standards 4880 and 4882), non-porous, smooth and maintain a sterile environment, thereby minimizing risks associated with surgical procedures and ensuring the well-being of patients.

Contained Production Line 

The demand for pharmaceuticals is on the rise, and so is the demand for essential process equipment for efficient production and a reliable supply of high-quality medicines.

As a pharma process equipment manufacturer, our advanced manufacturing line encompasses equipment and processes that promise consistent dosages, high product quality and safe and efficient production of oral solid dosages. We boast a strong supportive environment to carry out drug development. Our complete granulation line, tablet compression line, auto-coater line, capsule/vial filling line, contained injectable line, and blister packaging line uniquely contribute to creating a contained environment, effectively minimising the risk of contamination and ensuring product integrity.

Cleanrooms Solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturing involves working with hazardous substances, necessitating stringent safety measures. In a post-pandemic world, maintaining high standards of safety and hygiene is crucial to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

Fabtech’s cleanroom systems are tailored to meet the requirements of healthcare industries, maintaining airborne particulates at the barest minimum level. The controlled environment is equipped with cleanroom containments that are meticulously isolated, ensuring a stringent and rigorous setting. Clean and filtered air is consistently pushed into these spaces, effectively reducing the presence of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, chemical vapours, and aerosol particles.

Modular Cleanroom Solutions

In the face of public health emergencies, the need for a responsive healthcare solution is paramount. Modular cleanroom systems, also known as mobile or portable cleanrooms have emerged as an efficient and contemporary response to the evolving demands of the healthcare landscape. These cleanrooms are prefabricated and easily movable, thus presenting a modern alternative to conventional structures.

Our modular cleanrooms have been instrumental, particularly during the COVID-19 surge. Based on this modular concept, our mobile sampling and testing facility played a pivotal role in preventing the further spread of the pandemic. By transforming trucks and vans into mobile cleanrooms, we not only increased flexibility for end-users but also extended healthcare services to densely populated areas lacking essential infrastructure.

Clean Water Solutions

The absence of an efficient water system can have far-reaching implications on the health and safety of patients and users at large. In our commitment to advancing global healthcare, we provide high-purity and sustainable water solutions. Our comprehensive range of equipment includes Purified Water (PW) generation and Distribution System, Water for Injectables (WFI) and its Distribution System and Pure Steam Generator (PSG) and Distribution, Process vessels, CIP & SIP systems, chilled water systems and utilities.

Crafted from high-quality materials and designed for purity, our water systems boast flow rates ranging from 500 LPH to 50,000 LPH. By delivering reliable and pure water, we contribute to the overall well-being of individuals and the enhancement of healthcare services worldwide.

The pandemic has highlighted the vulnerabilities of global supply chains, emphasising the importance of a robust and resilient healthcare system and the disruptions caused by shortages of critical medicines.

Our team of life engineers are actively enhancing the capability to broaden and strengthen the supply chain for effective drug processing. Through tailored solutions for unique pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, we are dedicated to ensuring equitable access to life-saving medicines, reaching individuals and regions in critical need. 

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