A vital project that seemed almost impossible to rescue sees the light of day with a little help from Fabtech

The government of an Afro-Arab nation in North Africa was very keen to build their indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing capability and reduce dependence on international imports.

Two major projects were commissioned. The first was awarded to Fabtech and was completed on time and to spec in 9 months. The second, an intravenous solutions project, was awarded to another project company and scheduled for completion in 12 months.

Three years later we were approached by the management of the intravenous solutions project who were at the end of their tether. Their prestigious project was in limbo and they wanted our help to complete the work left undone by the other project management company.

Our advance inspection team visited the project site and took stock of the situation. Simpler aspects of the project like wall panels and H1 ducting work had been completed, but the installation of the complex pieces like ceiling panels and HEPA filters had yet to be progressed. Work had come to a standstill because of the height of the rooms and the ducts – installing the supply terminals per the design would be a complicated exercise.


There were several additional challenges to deal with. All materials had been stored haphazardly with no clear order or structure. A lot of material was unsalvageable. Assessing what could be used after a gap of 2.5 years was a herculean task. Our team conducted a gap analysis and listed down all the aspects of the project that had still to be completed. After detailed deliberations with the management, Fabtech was awarded the project.

A lot of the process equipment had already been installed and it was quite difficult to complete ducting and false ceiling work. We also had to ensure that the equipment was in working order. When the equipment suppliers who had been engaged by the previous project company did not cooperate we brought in our own partners to complete pre-checks and commissioning of all the equipment.

This was one of the most complex rescue projects Fabtech has worked on and one of the most rewarding.

We would like to pay tribute to Fabtech for all the effort they have taken to set up the first intravenous solutions factory in our country, a task at which the companies preceding them have failed. We can candidly state that the project was a huge challenge with several obstacles that they accepted and addressed with ease. The teams of engineers, technicians and workers all gave the project their utmost to see it to its completion. We owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation to Team Fabtech.


North Africa Turnkey Pharmaceutical Project


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