A global vaccine manufacturing showcase facility is revitalised with a little help from Fabtech.

The goal was to build a state-of-the-art production facility spanning an area of 9000 sqm. When completed it would be one of the most advanced and sophisticated facilities – a showcase not only in the LATAM region but all over the world. The facility would manufacture immunologicals, in particular vaccines to prevent influenza for the LATAM region.

Phase 1 of the project included an R&D facility and a vaccine manufacturing unit. But, Mechnikov SA, commissioned on the order of the President of the Russian Federation and in partnership with the Nicaraguan Government was in trouble. The contractor commissioning the project was faltering and as a result the project was in deep trouble. There were too many important stakeholders involved for a project like this to fail, and keen to ensure this didn’t happen, Mechnikov leadership reached out to Fabtech and asked them to step in.


We deployed our projects planning, execution and management team and commissioned the entire project to scope. The facility which is currently undergoing validation will commence full scale production by September and will be able to produce up to 30 million doses of the vaccine annually.

Mechnikov S.A. will produce important vaccines to address the disease patterns of the Latin American population. Together Mechnikov and Fabtech are saving lives by making affordable medicines accessible to those who need them.

We started our cooperation in a relatively unpleasant time for my company because our main contractor at that time didn’t manage to deliver the project on time and to full scope. Fabtech had the will, resources and capabilities to analyse a highly sophisticated pharmaceutical project and to deliver it including implementation of several improvements from a technical point of view that allowed us to create an even more efficient and state-of-the-art facility. I believe that great companies, especially those working in the sphere of healthcare, bear vast responsibilities to nations and people. Our common aspiration is to deliver best solutions, production practices and products to enhance the level of life. These are the values that Fabtech shares with my company. I have an explicit belief in our long-term relationship and cooperation for the best of quality of life of all nations around the world.


Mechnikov Nicaragua Turnkey Pharmaceutical Project


Let's make medicines affordable together.