COPD and Climate Change



Contrary to the common belief, not everything in the world comes at a price. One such priceless thing is AIR which has always been available to one and all equitably all across the world. 

But, the way the modern world has evolved over the last few decades has made us sit back, think the unthinkable and see the unforeseeable. What was hard to imagine just yesterday has become inevitable today. How else would one explain the inventions like Air Purifiers that have come to contradict the perception of the AIR being a priceless possession?

Today, we are grappling with Air Pollution rising at an alarming and uncontrollable rate. Air contamination is causing irreversibly damaging effects on our health. So what do we need to do now? Will the ‘Think Green’ and ‘Go Green’ approach suffice? How about the present needs where more and more people are succumbing to airborne diseases?

As a matter of fact, the need of the hour is to make the basic medical scheme of things and green initiatives go hand in hand. 


We all are part of the reciprocal cause and effect where emissions of pollutants into the air result in changes in the climate. Unfortunately, but essentially, it is this climate change that has been taking unprecedented twists and turns, worsening the air pollution levels in a large number of regions and resulting in a quantum jump in the number of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

As per a 2021 study published in the Lancet Planetary Health, exposure to outdoor particulate matter air pollution contributed to 4.1 million new cases of COPD globally in 2019, representing nearly a quarter of all new COPD cases. The same study also found that exposure to household air pollution, primarily from cooking with solid fuels, contributed to an additional 1.6 million new cases of COPD in 2019.

A similar study in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine projected that climate change due to increased levels of ground-level ozone and fine particulate matter could worsen air pollution levels in many regions and is capable of causing an additional 75,000 deaths from COPD in the US alone by 2100.

Sadly, despite the significant impact of COPD on public health, there are currently only a few effective treatments, with many patients experiencing significant limitations in their daily activities and quality of life.


When it is about fighting COPD and other air-related ailments, there is much more than just giving the right treatment and medication to the beneficiaries. An extensive chain of pharma facilities manufacture and process drugs with the help of specialised equipment that helps in giving enhanced and efficient functioning and operation of drugs in healthcare projects around the globe.

In this light, Fabtech takes the best advantage of its pharma engineering expertise and aids in developing novel drug formulations optimised for the specific needs of COPD patients. Our practices match the consistent manufacturing of drugs of the highest quality standards essential for producing safe treatments. Our optimised equipment also significantly improves productivity, reduces costs, and minimises environmental impact. It also assists the development of new therapies for COPD caused by climate change-related factors, such as drugs targeting the disease’s underlying causes or therapies that enhance lung repair mechanisms.

Climate change is evolving, and so is our approach to continuously enhance the processing and quality of pharmaceutical products so that the present healthcare needs are adequately met and medicines are made accessible worldwide. Our approach translates into bringing forth our range of solutions necessary for successful processing and operation in biotech projects.

1. Complete range of Granulation line for powder processing – This inclusive line encompasses dosing and mixing raw materials, wet or dry granulation, drying, tabletting and quality control, all in one line. It is a significant unit in producing pharmaceutical dosage forms, mostly tablets and capsules. Our automated production line has high efficacy and operational safety with low processing time. It improves the flow of powder and tablets’ mechanical properties and provides maximum protection for the product, people, and the environment.

2. Tablet compression Line – This extensive tablet compression line is an innovative system to check and control tablet weight and hardness and a weight control system. It is used to make chewable, effervescent, and several other compressed tablets, giving the best and gainful outcomes for various tablets. Our tablet compression lines also score over others in volume, efficiency and accuracy.

3. Auto coater for coating tablets – Fabtech’s Autocoater is a wet or organic coating machine that allows precise control of the critical coating variables and ensures product quality and repetitiveness. The equipment promises the highest production rate, mixing efficiency, and coating uniformity while conforming to good manufacturing standards. In addition, the film coating increases the effective period of the drug and allows easier consumption of the product.

4. Encapsulation line for filling capsules – A productive and economical methodology, capsule filling machines offer many advantages over manual and semi-automatic filling methods. With efficient filling accuracy and precision, the machines help bring consistency and uniformity to the final product. Automatic capsule filling machine also produces more capsules in a shorter time, enhancing productivity and reducing labour costs. The encapsulation helps filter out defective capsules during production, ensures that the products are high quality safe, and prevents Pharma industries from losing the powder material to almost 90%. These machines can fill capsules with powders, granules, pellets, liquids, micro tablets, and combination

5. Complete range of containment systems – The production of drugs and potent compounds is a critical process. Therefore it is crucial to have drug production and purity go parallel with each. This is ensured with the help of containment systems that protect the product from external contamination and unsuitable environmental conditions, viz. relative humidity and temperature, and assure operators and environment protection from potentially toxic substances. This prevention of cross-contamination and purity of the final product involves varied containment levels. Our inclusive range of containment system meets the stringent industry demands and improve and enhance the efficiency and performance of solid dosage form plants for the safe transfer of powders.

6. Complete range of machines to manufacture the inhalers and nebulisers – Our inhaler manufacturing line involves inclusive mixing, filling, weighing, labelling & packaging of inhalers that comply with the WHO regulatory requirements and are as per the standards stated in CGMP guidelines. The inhalers have been safe and worthwhile and have duly aided people suffering from COPD, Asthma and other breathing issues. Nebulisers have seen a rapid surge due to increased respiratory diseases and the Covid-19 outbreak. Our nebuliser manufacturing encompasses liquid formulations and tablets that enable easy and quick absorption of the medication into the lungs. 

7. Liquid Filling Line – Our wide spectrum of liquid manufacturing machines constitute our liquid filling line, viz. Purified water generation system, WFI, inhaler mixing vessels, storage vessels, transfer vessels, liquid pumps, a complete nasal spray filling line, automatic capping and labelling machine. These devices and solutions boost higher and longer production and promise precision, better efficiency and dependability.

Besides working on environmental betterment, COPD crucially calls for developing drugs that target the underlying causes of the disease, such as air pollution and exposure to particulate matter.

With extensive experience building start-to-finish projects on COPD treatment, We at Fabtech have amply extended our support in the Persian Gulf, KSA and European region and for government projects by setting up machinery for inhalers and nebulisers and other integrated equipment that meet projects’ intended purpose. 

Our endeavour goes well beyond meeting the regulatory requirements as we work with a futuristic lens to consistently build projects that pave the way for an effective and accessible pharmaceutical chain and better health for the world at large.

We hope that with more and more facilities that we envision, we will continue to make progress in the sphere of global health.

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