Contributing to Cancer Care – Fabtech’s Oncology Projects

Contributing to Cancer Cure

Cancer is the second most life-threatening disease in the world. In fact, studies reveal that the risk of cancer is increasing with each passing generation. However, from the landmark discoveries like the possible link between environmental exposure and cancer development to the recent breakthroughs in using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, there have been some key milestones in the transformation of cancer care. 

 Even as a complete cure for cancer is yet to see the light of day, medical research has all along been playing a significant role in cancer treatment. With a large array of professionals contributing to enhancing cancer treatment and making it reach the right hands, Fabtech, by virtue of its ethos of saving lives, supports organisations in establishing their oncology facilities and accomplishing their objective of greater global healthcare.

In this blog, we briefly list down some of our major oncology projects, explaining how each of our services or equipment is a contributor to paving the way for enhanced pharma and medicinal processes and operations.

Sudair Pharma, Saudi Arabia:

This was one of our most notable projects specialising in oncology OSDs and injectables. Even though nothing seemed to come easy at the outset of the project, our team of experts unwaveringly dealt with operational and political challenges, leaving the proverbial no stone unturned in ensuring that the project takes off trouble-free.

We provided a complete start-to-finish (turnkey) solution through the under-mentioned solutions that add efficiency to the project.

Bio Cleanroom:

Intravenous medication required in treating cancer contains high glucose levels and is prone to bacterial contamination, which can have a devastating effect on the patient’s health. Thus, a sterile cleanroom environment becomes imperative to achieve sterile compounding in a cleanroom.

Cleanroom Equipment:

Cleanroom equipment enables a smooth run of environmental activities. These equipment play an integral part in maintaining the integrity and veracity of oncology projects:


Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) help assess infection rates in intensive care units. The HVAC system maintains the appropriate moisture content of the air through pivotal functions like

  • filtering (removing dust particles and biological contaminants like bacteria, viruses and fungi),
  • ventilating (air change rates between outdoor)
  • air distribution (velocity, flow pattern, direction of movement and distribution patterns)

Air Shower and Diffuser:

Air Showers and diffusers are additional protectors for products and the environment that reduce the presence of toxins and mitigate the risk of cross-contamination. 

Containment Isolator System:

Our isolator system is ergonomically designed for oncology products that promise sterile processing of High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs), anti-blastic and chemotherapy preparations.

Laminar Air Flow (LAF):

The preparation of chemotherapy drugs require a continuous airstream that can blow the contaminated air into a filter. Therefore, LAF’s are used to have airflows that can remove air contaminants. Moreover, when dealing with hazardous drugs, an ISO 5 environment within a class III biosafety cabinet (isolator) is designed to provide the highest containment level.

EMS and BMS:

Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) and Building Management System (BMS) are critical devices that monitor the temperature, humidity and pressure throughout a facility and control the environment, respectively. Our well-integrated systems address industry compliance. 

Clean Utilities:

Innovative and technological approaches to water management have become the need of the hour in industrial and pharmaceutical processes. Purified water (PW), particularly Purified Water (HPW) and Water for Injection (WFI) and distribution systems and piping systems, have become the foundation of getting access to clean water. It starts from the project itself, wherein it acts as a solvent, excipient and reagent in producing safe and effective medicines. 

Fire-fighting system and End-to-End Electromechanical:

The inflammable chemicals and solvents can cause fire explosions from mechanical faults. Fire-fighting system is the best answer for protecting the overall chemical processes undertaken in the facility and ensuring the carrying of fire safety procedures. In addition, our holistic electromechanical gives superior control over medical devices, helps produce clean and sanitary equipment, reduces costs and meets regulatory requirements. 

We also commissioned a closed-loop granulation line project for a leading pharma manufacturer in the Persian Gulf. In this project, our scope included conceptualisation and consultation for the API + OSD formulation facility to the execution of oncology products (NIB type) for Occupational Exposure Level 4 (OEL 4). OEL 4, being an integral component in assuring the health and safety of workers, limited the workers’ exposure to possible risks during the usage of chemicals/ hazardous chemicals in the facility. The intended regulatory value of OEL to prevent workers from inhaling chemicals such as vapours, mists or dust could thus be achieved.

FAT and product trial for contained auto-coater:

An oncology facility at our Kaman factory for our SEA customer – Isolator system for special products.

The drug’s potency is crucial, especially in an oncology facility. In this project, the case in question was to develop a contained auto coater with four interchangeable pans, contrary to a conventional coating pan. The task seemed herculean, yet our team could develop four distinct-size pans encompassing a single motor and a coupling, effectively integrating them into one single isolator with the required batch size. We designed the size of the inlet and the outlet that could have a direct bearing on each other and enable easy operation of the isolator. We also integrated a pass box within the system to ensure safe, effective and contaminant–free transfer of the tablet from one room to the other.

Fabtech offers an integrated system that enables greater control over the overall procedures of your oncology projects. Our offers are backed by the skill and expertise of our experts and their proven track record of helping projects be undertaken successfully.