BARC – Planning and Powering our Projects


It is commonly believed that the people we surround ourselves with have a direct or an indirect bearing on our lives. Therefore, it has always been considered worthwhile to be in the company of like-minded people with whom we can comfortably identify. This holds true not only for individuals, but even for organisations, institutes or corporates that aspire to grow and believe in value creation and value addition.  It is imperative for them to have employees and clients who are willing to collaborate in bringing out their best in all spheres.

For Fabtech, every project undertaken so far has been a feather in our cap. However, one cannot deny that sometimes a feather gives our wings enough strength to take us on a journey to newer heights. One such journey was the project we recently took upon.

BARC – A Crowning Achievement

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is India’s premier institute for nuclear science research, atomic power and defence requirements. Functioning under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, BARC is regarded as the mother of all R & D institutes in the country, with long and well-established expertise in building world-class facilities. This time, they intended to foray into setting up operation theatre to cater to their multi-purpose operations.

After fulfilling the prerequisites based on the tender notice and undergoing detailed technical scrutiny, BARC appointed us for this important and prestigious project.

At the outset, it was imperative for us to take due cognizance of the precision and perfection upon which the core strength of BARC was based. That is when we embarked upon the project with our carefully drawn roadmap.

From Delegation to Delivery

As operation theatres are life-saving rooms, their establishment requires precise layout, planning and meticulous execution to undertake a variety of critical procedures, viz. diagnostic or investigative, therapeutic or surgical. Thus, our manoeuvres involved thorough plans and guidelines, with each element playing a key role to play in the overall efficacy of the operation theatre.

As a result, a whole gamut of pharma was brought together to achieve a modular and robust construction, easy maintenance, optimum performance and a long functional lifespan.

SS panel Ceiling with hepa filter for laminar air flow (LAF) system – The operation theatres were made modular with stainless steel 304 and laminar airflow. SS 304 ensures high durability and strength along with a superior ability to withstand corrosion, making it the best value option and clean air solution for hospital and operation theatre environments. The engineering and air distribution systems were adapted to make the ceiling of operation theatres free from complexities. The vertical laminar airflow systems (LAF)-embedded ceiling, combined with air recirculation through HEPA filters, created a protective zone against contamination by airborne particles or germs, reducing the risk of post-operative infections. 

Anti-static flooring – Flooring needs to be conducive to the fundamental requirements of a hospital operating room. Hence, the flooring was designed to be copper sustainable, allowing it to be connected to the copper wire of the grounding. The anti-static flooring helps reduce the possibility of abrupt electrostatic discharge (ESD) and prevent static from causing interference or damage to employees and equipment. The metal’s durability was utilized to create a need-based and aesthetically designed flooring.

Hermetic sealed doors – Operation theatres and other sterile areas in the hospital are of critical importance for controlling clean air pressure. ‘Hermetic’, by itself, implies an air-tight situation, and so hermetically sealed hinged doors promise absolutely no air leakage. These doors were specifically designed to ensure complete protection against the spread of infection in the operation theatre and other areas of the hospital. As a result, incorporating these specialised self-closing entries led to a reduction in air handling cost, no cross-contamination, and easy maintenance with lesser space requirements.

Positive Pressure – An effective positive pressure is of paramount importance for patients with a compromised immune system. While hermetic doors paved the way for positive air pressure in the operation theatre, floors, ceiling, walls and windows were also thoroughly sealed so as to avoid outside entry and into the OT.

To further control the movement of airborne contaminants, it was ensured that every component conformed to the applicable legal regulations of the operation theatre and was designed bearing in mind the protection of patients and the general public at large from the spread of infectious diseases.

Overcoming Obstacles, Broadening Boundaries

Obstacles turn into opportunities when it comes to big, ambitious projects. Whether it was the critical installation of doors, coordinating smooth electric and civil work or adhering to stringent guidelines with stipulated timings, the project allowed us to showcase our expertise and extend our capabilities in prestigious projects and added a new dimension of building life-saving rooms to our work.

Even for elements that went beyond the scope of work, we took it upon ourselves and did not look at it as going out of the way. Instead, it was an inclusive project that involved newer ideas, a broader perspective and a set goal.

Going along the same lines as BARC

As the ideas and endevour of BARC and Fabtech aligned quite well with each other, the successful delivery of the project came as a rightful response to our continued commitment of saving millions of lives through concrete and meaningful actions. The project not only focused on creating a log-lasting building system but also represented a profound initiative to bring about a positive impact on humanity.

Care for Climate Change

As I finish off writing this blog, I cannot take my eyes, or rather my mind off the newspaper headline that reads, “Beware: Dengue cases on the rise due to climate change”. This ongoing climate change has indeed gone beyond research, becoming increasingly visible with each passing day. Unprecedented heat waves, floods and record breaking temperatures have led to a significant rise in health diseases in cities, countries and around the globe.

Climate change is not just a past or present concern; it is a future challenge that cannot be fought by merely combating it. These health concerns are strong indicators of the need for greater and more robust healthcare systems. By building projects such as BARC and establishing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and engineering projects, we can contribute to providing timely and effective treatment to patients, especially those who need it the most.

By connecting with one another, we can contribute to saving millions of lives around the world.

Let us get together!