Technology transfer

Structured approach. Predictable outcomes.

Technology transfer is a process by which an innovator or inventor makes their technology available to a partner who will, in turn, commercialise it. In the pharmaceutical industry, Technology Transfer refers to the transfer of either whole or any part processes included in the successful progression from drug discovery to product development, clinical trials and full-scale commercialisation.

It allows developers of the technology to monetise their technology and bring it to newer markets while enabling the commercial partner access to technology that, even if the outcome were successful, would take years to develop.

Successful Technology Transfers follow a structured approach, with predictable outcomes. If correct processes are not followed, any tech transfer can throw up nasty surprises down the line including scope creep, cost overruns, addition of months or even years to the timeline, often leading to the entire project being abandoned. Having the right project partner is a critical imperative for success.

Fabtech’s 360-degree approach gives you the benefit of our engineering expertise and access to authentic technology and diverse portfolios from our global clientele across product categories.

Processes are dovetailed with project design at the concept stage ensuring there are no unpleasant operational surprises later in the project. By universalising the design wherever and to the extent possible, we can enable campaign-based manufacture of products with different processes, without the need to modify infrastructure, wherever appropriate and permitted by the regulators.

Once a partnership has been facilitated, we deliver efficient and streamlined technology transfers including dossier, full cycle tech transfer and stacked tech transfer models of APIs finished formulations and packaging technology.